Haig & Haig Scotch Dimple Pinch range, The Dimple

Haig & Haig Scotch Dimple Pinch rangeThe famous Dimple bottle by John Haig & Company Limited of Edinburgh, with the dimples! That’s this one, also known as “The Dimple” or “Pinch” in USA. A true classic, something most of us over the age of 40 would have grown up with, seen some time or other in our fathers drinks cabinet.
The Dimple whisky bottle is a truly iconic bottle!

The story of Pinch, the fourth largest blended Deluxe Scotch whisky in the world, is reflected in the spirit of over 350 years of whisky distilling and blending experience. When farmer/distiller Robert Haig was summoned before the church elders in 1655 for operating his still on the Sabbath (Sunday), this marked the earliest documented reference to a distillery company still operating today.

Pinch is distinguished by its famous triangular, dimpled bottle wrapped in wire net. The whisky has been bottled in this characteristic container since its creation, with the hand-applied wire mesh originally designed to prevent the cork from coming out during export shipments through rough seas. The Pinch `decanter,` after the contents have been enjoyed, has been put to decorative use around the world. To protect its exclusive use, the Pinch bottle was the first bottle to be patented in the United States, in 1958. Through time the bottle was used for a variety of expressions of the liquor and has had many incarnations, variations, decorations and different caps but they have always been faithful to the original shape design.

“. . . In 1856 John Haig &Co joined in with six other Lowland distillers to form a trade agreement to protect the individual and collective interests of the members. Eventually this trade agreement led to the formation of the Distillers Company Limited (DCL) in 1877 with John Haig and his son Hugh as directors

During 1882 John Haig & Co merged with David Smith & Co and became a limited company with Hugh Haig, John Haig’s Son, as chairman.

John Alicius Haig released the Dimple Deluxe blend in 1888. The distinctive 3 pinch bottle was introduced in 1893 by George Ogilvy Haig.

Pinch 12 year old blended whisky Haig Dimple 4/5 Quart 86% proof Pinch 12 year old in the Mike Padlipsky legacy.

DCL acquired the entire ordinary share capital of John Haig & Co Ltd in March of 1919 the take over of the Haig dynasty was completed in 1923 with DCL taking control of Haig & Haig Ltd.”

The 15 year old in 70cl is still available today for a recommended retail price just above €20.

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