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 The first and only original whisky DESIGN contest © 2010 - 2013.
The first time ever International Whisk(e)y Design Contest was an "all time"     -rather than annual-  contest, that has run during 2012. This included entries of historical bottles.        *** 2014 OPEN TO NOMINATE ***
Nominations for the 2014 annual awards must have a first availability date (can be later than bottled-date) from 1 January 2013 to 1 June 2014 and should not have been awarded in an earlier contest. Category-1: Bottles less than €250 and Category-2: Bottles of €250 and more.

Call to (until 1 Sept 2014)!

Category 1 - Bottle, less than €250 nominees

2013 - Nominations

All nominations in the two categories of the 2013 "All-time" Whisky Design Awards.

2014 - Nominations

All nominations in the two categories of the 2014 "All-time" Whisky Design Awards.

Category 2 - Bottle, €250 and more nominees

2014 Category 2 - Bottle, €250 and more

Single bottle whisky including packaging with an advised price of €250,- or more.

- As a member you can submit nominees.- As a visitor or member you can rate the nominees listed in the categories below.- These ratings will get used to determine the short-lists of finalists.- Members can give comment on nominees.- Members can discuss about whisky design related matters and the contest in our blog/forum.- The final voting by poll will result in four Category Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Winners.So you really need to join as a member to participate in nomination and discussions (an inescapable anti-Spam measure). However, rating and voting is open to 'public'.