How it works

Nominations for the 2014 annual awards must have an availability date (can be later than bottled-date) from 1 January 2013 to 1 June 2014 and should not have been awarded in an earlier contest.
Two categories: Category-1: Bottles less than €250 and Category-2: €250 and more.

The World Wide Whisk(e)y Design Awards are not about the content of the bottle(s): whisky, whiskey or bourbon, it is about the bottle(s) and the packaging.

Who joins, can enter nominations and give comments and discuss nominees. Star-rating of nominees and finalist voting does not require registration.
Anyone, you?, and for free. Anyone who’s interested in whisky and/or design, from beginner to aficionado, (whisky)clubs and societies, bloggers and writers. Whisky producers, brand owners, designers, distillers, bottlers, blenders, distributors, importers, wholesalers, consumers, bartenders, you name it, from anywhere in the world.

The World Wide Whisky Design Awards are annual awards recognising excellence in pack design. Judged by an international public panel, you?, of whisky-aficionado’s, professionals and consumers, from around the Globe. Criteria you should take into consideration are:

  • Aesthetics, craft skills (take into consideration ranges, see: Small print item 3 below)
  • Ergonomic, inspiration, insight
  • Innovation, breakthrough in category, confidence (perhaps courage and risk in the context of time), usability or even re-usability
  • Originality and uniqueness, and perhaps traditional value

Following you find the procedure and rules to follow. You need to join to submit and comment on nominations and to take part in discussions. For additional guidance on the nominee star-rating see To vote, or not to vote, that is the question.

Order of events (day and hour can slightly deviate):

  1. Nomination and rating period (start: 2 Jan 2014 end: 31-May-2014)
    • Every registered member can submit bottles and package. After validation the nominee will be placed under the applicable category in the album.
    • As a member you can place comments under any nominee in the albums.
    • Each and every nominee can be rated during this period.
  2. Pre-election by rating of nominees (start: 1-June-2014 end: 31-August-2014)
    From now on no more nominations are accepted. During this period the nominees can only be (re)rated. Rating is open to public.
    The average ratings in the long-list’s (i.e. Category-albums) will determine the short-list’s for the final voting.
  3. Finalists publication
    The organization will select the ten finalist based on the final pre-election star-ratings. The intention is to have a maximum of ten per category, allowing for some deviation.
  4. Final voting round (start: 1-September-2014 end: 30-November-2014)
    The final round will be based on a poll-mechanism where any one can vote, one vote per category. Voting is open to public.
    As the goal is to have one winner per category a final can be followed by an extra voting-round. In case of multiple equal winners per category the nomination-ratings will be used to determine the category winner.
    Note: This final poll is open to all visitors. No registration required.
  5. Publication of Whisky Design Awards (early December)
    Winners will be published and get a place in our “Hall of fame”.

The jury: That is you. All Whisky-aficionado’s worldwide, amateur or professional. You need to register one time on this site. That is not only required to limit Spam but also to ensure that each registered user can only submit one nomination and a single vote per category.

Nominations: You can submit your nomination during the “nomination-period”.

  • Open to all whiskies from any country in the world.
  • Every natural person is allowed to register once as a site-member.
  • Each and every registered-member is allowed to comment on nominees and nominate bottles and/or packages. You are requested to, prior to doing so, check if the whisky is not yet on the applicable long-list. Either supply a photo (preferably a minimum width or height of 600px) or a URL to a photo, and the minimum information to uniquely identify your nominee.

Retail prices: The category 1 and 2 retail prices are arbitrary. We needed to draw a line because some empty bottles themselves may amount to several of the less expensive bottles including the Whisky.
The selling prices should be based on a bottle contents of 70cl and on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), list price or recommended retail price (RRP) retail price at the time the product was introduced. If this goes back into the far past an estimate of the inflation and exchange rate needs to be applied to eventually get to a more or less comparable price-level. In case of doubt comparison to other whisky prices at the time can be of help.
This is meant to draw an honest but pragmatic line rather then to be an exact science as retail prices, inflation- and exchange-rates, VAT and what have you, are different all over the world. In case of doubt the organization will decide. As this is the first time we issue an international version we may even decide to revise the price boundary.

Small print: Here we will place decisions and observations that will be taken into account during the elections.

  1. The organisers of the World Wide Whisky Design Awards reserve the right to place entries in the correct category.
  2. Should insufficient entries be received in a particular category then that category may be skipped for that year.
  3. When more than one although different expressions are available that are very much look-a-likes, from the same producer, only one will be nominated. Reason for doing so is the fact that we do not want these to compete against each other. To emphasize relevant differences in design of bottle-ranges, more than one bottle in a range may be pictured.
  4. A single bottle with e.g. one or more drinking glasses in a case, with or without booklet, will still fall in the single bottle category. To be regarded a ‘Package’ there needs to be just more included.
  5. Nominations in a running contest will not be included in the “Objects” section so as to ensure equal treatment of nominations. Only after that a contest has run, objects, awarded or not, may be include in the “Objects” pages.
  6. Pictures related to nominations must be real photo’s rather than artist-impressions. Photo’s may be “enhanced” as long as the real thing is recognizable and represented in the photo.
  7. A nomination can only get actually accepted on or after the date that a product is available on the market and when the minimum required information is available. Additional design related data is a pro.
  8. To qualify as “label-series”, a label-series should include substantial different content per label and preferably be thematic. The same label but in a different colour or with different text related to the contents of the bottle does not qualify. A series incorporates a minimum of three labels.
  9. Only Whisky, Whiskey and Bourbon bottles are accepted. We use the United States and Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) regulations for this definition.